An Out-of-date Staff Handbook is a Liability!

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An organisation’s people are its greatest asset, but can also be the source of significant risk.  Having an up-to-date handbook in place, which is tailored to the company’s specific needs, contributes significantly to managing those risks.

It is vital that employers make clear the parameters within which employees should work, and the key to this is making it known what behaviour is and is not acceptable.  A key mechanism for communication is through the staff handbook, however, it also requires effective Management.

Employers may find it difficult to deal effectively with, for example, performance or disciplinary issues where there is no handbook in place.  Employers often make large cash settlements to employees/former employees who have acted inappropriately at work (e.g. by taking unauthorised absences, misconduct, etc.) because the organisation was not able to demonstrate it had appropriate policies in place to prohibit or deal with such behaviour.

In a recent European Court of Human Rights judgment, Barbulescu v Romania, a company was found not to have breached the privacy rights of an employee by monitoring his Yahoo Messenger account when it suspected him of using the account for private purposes.  It appears to have been significant that the employer had a clear policy against private use of the company’s resources.  Read more on this case here.

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