Employee Wellbeing at Work: The key to improving performance?

karen talbot News

The influence of employee wellbeing in the workplace has attracted increasing interest in recent years. In the current working environment, where the focus lies on delivering good and services faster, cheaper and bigger, the intention for a healthy working life often takes a back seat.

With this in mind, the issue of employee wellbeing at work has attracted Government attention and prompted the implementation of the “National Workplace Wellbeing Day” which launched in March 2015. The campaign aims to improve employee health by promoting better physical activity and nutrition in the workplace. Participating organisations were called upon to organise a ‘Lunchtime Mile’ -where participants were encouraged to run, walk, cycle or swim a mile on their lunchbreak, among many other activities.

Concentration on problems, such as absenteeism and workplace injury, is giving way to a broader vision of what a healthier, happier and more productive workforce can achieve. Employee wellbeing strategies have been embraced by many successful companies as it has been recognised that wellbeing at work is an integral factor in determining organisational success.

The upcoming CIPD Ireland Conference, “Shaping engagement and wellbeing to improve performance” which will be held in Croke Park on June 15th/16th, is a great opportunity for employers to educate themselves on employee wellbeing and is guaranteed to provide industry insights on how to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

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