Get 2018 Off to a Great Start!

karen talbot News, Performance Management

January is a great time for resolutions for yourself and your business.   It’s a great opportunity to get the year off to a great start.  There are some simple, practical steps that business managers can take to make a real difference to the effectiveness of their organisation’s performance.

There is significant research that demonstrates that employees who understand what is expected of them, who are given feedback on their performance, work better, are more productive and more engaged.

Workplaces that encourage and reward managers who develop their people are more successful in driving a performance culture and minimising difficulties in the workplace.  In our experience, managers often mistakenly presume that people know, or should know, what is expected of them.  Having a performance management system, however simple it might be, provides an invaluable framework that supports employees, their managers and the business as a whole.

This is just as important and pertinent to the small company than it is to the large organisation.  It does not have to be complicated, in fact, the simpler the better!

Practical Tips:

  • If you do not already have a Performance Development/ Management system/process, then now is a great time to introduce a clear and simple practice.  Hold a one-to-one meeting with each member of staff (conducted by their respective direct line manager); set out the objectives for the year; seek their views in respect of how their job could be done better or how customer experience could be improved; give them feedback on their performance. Then, meet with them regularly throughout the year, at least quarterly;
  • If you do already have a system in place, ensure that it is being carried out and is it serving its purpose. The most important feature is that managers have regular contact with members of their respective teams, ensuring that all employees are clear about their objectives and what is expected of them, in terms of performance and behaviours.
  • In those conversations, ground the individual’s expectations and objectives in the organisation’s strategy, mission, vision, values and general raison d’être. Given them an understanding, as best you can, of how their contribution directly impacts on the organisation’s goals.

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