How to handle the hurricane…

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… or very bad storm!

With the country on near lock-down, schools, courts, childcare facilities and many other closures, how should employers decide on what do? Do your employees take annual leave? or do you grant paid leave for the day?

Where you decide to close your operations for the day, it seems clear that ‘special’, paid leave should be granted for the day.  Things will no doubt get a bit tricky if it is business as usual.  You will, most likely, have staff contacting you asking whether or not they have to come to work.  A number of scenarios may arise and each employment may have its own nuances, so please contact us for further guidance:

– Your employee has school or creche-going children and advises that he/she does not have anyone else to mind the children.  If you have made the decision to open the business, then any absence must be authorised.  We suggest that slightly different criteria than normal be applied in deciding whether or not to grant leave.  Decisions regarding granting leave usually involves balancing business requirements with individual circumstances.  Today, we suggest that greater emphasis may be placed on the latter, if possible.  If the request is refused, or indeed, if it is not presented as a ‘request’ the situation would require specific advice, requiring further discussion.

– Your employee is concerned about travelling to work: this gives rise to considerations similar to the above.

– The work carried out by your employee involves height, travel, or other exposure to the elements.  The primary consideration here is their safety and welfare.  Please contact us for specific advise.

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