HR/ Employment Law Update

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Workplace Relations
The Workplace Relations Act 2015 introduces a range of changes to the operation of the Rights Commissioner/Labour Relations Commission/ Labour Court/ Employment Appeals Tribunal/Equality Tribunal.  It is ironic that the legislation, which attempts to ‘simplify’ the process for parties involved in employment disputes, is itself overly complicated, laborious, fraught with errors and probably impossible for the lay person to understand.  In 2014, a Single Complaint Form was introduced to cover all to be handled by the current bodies.  Save for this, all other processes and procedures are to remain in place until 1 October 2015.
Further information on the specifics of the new system will follow.
The Oireachtas took the opportunity to address some other miscellaneous matters one of which is the accrual of annual leave during periods of certified sickness.

Accrual of Annual Leave during Sick Leave
With effect from the commencement date of the legislation (1 October 2015), annual leave accrues during periods of certified sick leave.  The provisions regarding carry over of annual leave from one year to the next have also been amended – increasing the timeframe within which carried-over leave should be taken.
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