Tailored HR Services to the Public Sector & NGOs

Public Sector

Talbot Pierce have a wealth of experience of working in and with senior HR/OD/ER management in the Public Sector.  We understand the business needs, challenges and culture.

Talbot Pierce provide a full range of HR services including performance and absence management, policy and procedure development, implementation and reworking, ADR, workplace investigation or the provision of an additional temporary/ locum or part-time resource to fill a temporary gap in your People Management function.


As an NGO, you could be any size, with or without a HR function.  Your resources are no doubt under increasing pressure as funding remains a challenge.

NGOs generally have staff who are very dedicated to the cause of the organisation, however, in our experience, HR challenges are no less an issue than in commercial organisations.

Where the scale of your organisation does not warrant a HR resource, the legal obligations and challenges are no less than on a larger organisation. We can work with you on all aspects of the HR function to ensure compliance and best practice.  In addition, and just as importantly, we can work with you to ensure that you get the most from your most valuable resource.

Where your size does warrant a HR function, it is most likely limited and will not have specialist expertise across a number of areas of HR.

Talbot Pierce provide a full range of HR services to support NGOs.  Many NGOs avail of our cost effective HR Assist service.  Please see ‘Our Services.