Workplace Wellbeing Day 2016

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Ireland’s second official Workplace Wellbeing will take place tomorrow April 8th, with public and private sector organisations being encouraged to participate. The campaign aims to improve employee health by promoting better physical activity and nutrition in the workplace. As part of this year’s activities, employers are being called upon to arrange a “Lunchtime Mile” – a one-mile cycle, jog, run, walk or swim for employees in the vicinity of their workplace.


The Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

To the Organisation To the Employee
A well-managed health and safety programme A safe and healthy work environment
A positive caring image Enhanced self-esteem
Improved staff morale Reduced stress
Reduced staff turnover Improved morale
Reduced absenteeism Increased job satisfaction
Increased productivity Increased skills for health protection
Reduced health care/insurance costs Improved health
Reduced risk of fines and litigation Improved sense of well-being


Top 10 activities that companies undertook for WWD 2015;

  1. Healthy eating initiatives
  2. Health screening
  3. (Lunchtime) walk/run/cycle
  4. Fruit bowls
  5. Mindfulness/yoga for staff
  6. Promotion of bike to work scheme
  7. Smoothies
  8. Promotion of membership of nearby gym
  9. Training for a 5k run
  10. Pedometer challenges


Workplace Wellbeing Day ideas to get you started;

  1. Arrange wellness clinic for your employees ( We recommend
  2. Lunchtime fitness classes
  3. 5-a-day…place fresh fruit bowls around the office
  4. Offer new healthy options on canteen menus and in vending machines
  5. Host healthy meetings
  6. Organise special employee health screenings on the day
  7. Promote lunchtime walks & runs – identify local routes of varying length and difficulty
  8. Invite a local gym or personal trainer in to host special exercise classes in your premises
  9. Arrange healthy cooking demonstrations in the canteen
  10. 5 –a-side – between departments or neighbouring companies
  11. Bring in experts for wellbeing talks on topics selected by your staff
  12. Promote the cycle to work scheme

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